June 2018

The Monochrome Parallel


"Hypocrisy is the mother of all evil and racial prejudice is still her favourite child."  ~Don King Are we not all the same? The question, Paulinah Eboh-Sampson creative director of Dolls of Decadence asks and answers with her latest collection campaign 'The Monochrome Parallel' "Since launching the Dolls of Decadence line back in 2010, with [...]

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April 2018

Top Model UK 2018


Model Gia in a custom variation of our HONOR Hooded bodysuit. Image by Talia White. Styled by Paulinah Eboh-Sampson Make up: Chelsea Moore Earlier this month, we indirectly and unofficially took part in the 10th anniversary of the TOP MODEL UK competition, thanks to the beauty that is Gia Lawrence-Harish- a local rising [...]

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March 2018

Get Lucky


Now that, that 79 day month- also known as January- has finished, be sure in the knowledge that yes- 2018 is almost over. But, before we are all getting lit and chanting 'Happy new year' to our counterparts, we have the bank holiday marathon to contend with, which tends to slow down the year somewhat. [...]

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January 2018

Become a brand rep


Brand ambassadors- We are on the hunt for you! You asked! We are delivering.... In the ever changing face of technology and how we use social media to interact with the brands we love; along with the constant arrival of new fashion brands and the evolution of existing ones, it is important for the Dolls of [...]

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November 2017

Fashion 4 a cause


Image by Darren Watley It happened!! On the 4th November of this year, we in association with Lotus Event management got to host our first fashion showcase- DOnation UK: Fashion for a cause. A 2 part event comprising of a business seminar networking event and a runway show. Model behaviour: The female [...]

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September 2017

Made in Birmingham TV


Earlier this week our director, Paulinah accompanied by two gorgeous local models Sachae Richardson and Tanya Mihailovic arrived at the Made In Birmingham TV studios to be a interviewed for episode 193 of 'The Lowdown Birmingham'. She showed off some of her latest creations, talked on the Dolls of Decadence brand- obvs, as well as our latest [...]

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PRESS RELEASE- Donation UK: Fashion for a cause


Birmingham sisters launch #FashionForACause Campaign to help their local community. Dolls of Decadence creative director, Paulinah with her sister, Janet owner of Lotus Event Management and DOnation UK event organiser. Sisters, Janet and Paulinah Eboh-Sampson, creative director of womenswear label set up the DoNation UK Project, using their creative platforms for this charitable initiative to [...]

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July 2017

Sample Sale


One way to celebrate the grand opening of the Dolls of Decadence showroom, is to have a huge- we mean MASSIVE- sample and clearance sale! Ok- so technically, its not a grand opening. The showroom has been open on the d-low for a minute now, with consultations and scheduled drop ins in motion since its [...]

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Birmingham Fashion Festival – Private liaison showcase


This beaut, Olivia Forsbrook @olivia_forsbrook in one of our newest pieces, the AZARIN one piece It seems last year, after staying relatively off the catwalk radar, in terms ripping the runway around the country- we've come back at it for 2017 with a vengeance! Making an appearance at some of the best fashion events on the [...]

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September 2017

The Imprint; making our mark


Let me re-introduce.... The narrative of the brand has always been something we are keen to explore and share, and is constantly depicted through our collections, as well as our fashion films. Our latest motion video, the 3rd for the year and under our new brand name, is a very poignant look at the narrative [...]

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