Become a brand rep

Brand ambassadors- We are on the hunt for you! You asked! We are delivering….

In the ever changing face of technology and how we use social media to interact with the brands we love; along with the constant arrival of new fashion brands and the evolution of existing ones, it is important for the Dolls of Decadence to maintain a strong visual presence, to do so we are looking to work with some social media savvy females to work with us.

Over the last few years, since our joining Instagram we’ve been inundated with requests from the Insta elite, social media influencers and fashion bloggers for collaborations. And whilst, we appreciate the power of the reach that connecting with the right blogger/influencer can have, on past experiences; working with bloggers and influences hasn’t always been fruitful – having to chase bloggers for the images of them in the garments for an eternity. Sigh- No time

So, we’ve come up with a solution that can be quite lucrative for both parties.

What are we doing? Sourcing our very own brand ambassadors; who will work closely with the Dolls of Decadence brand- regularly collaborating with us to improve our outreach and in turn promoting the line. Independently, working to improve their social media content whilst, working directly for the company to promote the brand and earn revenue.

When are we doing it? This is a pilot scheme, which will run for a trial period of 6-12 months; dependent on the success of the scheme will determine the expansion of this type of collaboration on a more permanent and larger scale basis.

Who can take part? Suitable candidates may include, but are not limited to up and coming lifestyle models/influencers or may just be the social media savvy; looking for opportunities to curate social media content, attend fashion and social events FREE, get FREE clothing and use the latter to earn money!

How can you earn money? This is a largely commission based role, although there are opportunities for the brand ambassadors to make additional revenue through their collaboration with Dolls of Decadence. (Full details will be sent to successful applicants)

Applicants must meet at least of 3 of the following criteria to be considered as a Dolls of Decadence brand Ambassador:

* Midlands or London based (Other locations will be considered during or after the trial period)

* Minimum age 18

* Min of 2000 interactive social media followers on a single platform

* User of more than one social media platform- Instagram,  Twitter, Snapchat, Vero or Facebook

* Own/user of 1 of the following -Depop, buymywardorbe, 21 Buttons or similar account holder

* Minimum height 5’4″

Want in? To apply download the Dolls of Decadence BRAND AMBASSADOR APPLICATIOPN FORM 

Completed applications can be filled in photographed and sent as an attachment to with BRAND AMBASSADOR APPLICATION in the subject heading.

We look forward to hearing from you! Good luck xo