Celebrity endorsement….Err- yes please! But which ones?

The PussyCat Dolls

 All entrepeneurs or any genre, up and coming or established with a product to sell/brand to promote will understand the importance of a celebrity endorsement, which in my case is clothing and fashion design.
 Where some fashion designers may use a celebrity as a muse for a particular collection in a bid to gain press coverage and possibily that, that celebrity may endorsement the collection.
 I may not doing myself any favours, as when I create my designs, I am- myself my only muse. I know what the rules say: you should never, as a designer use yourself as your own muse.
Which, of course I totally get- if you create a line, at say the age of 25, based on your style at the time. You effectively will create a market/niche of customers for that…..so what happens, 10 years on, if your style changes drastically. Which inevitably will mean, you would want to design differently, possibly at the risk of eliminating your already established client base.
But hey! Rules are meant to be broken- aren’t they? And there are absolutely no guarnatees that when you play by the rules you win the game.
Actually, if I am completely honest, when I design and create anything, for me it must be two things:
1) The dreaded ‘C’ word: Commerical and wearable- ‘Fashion is not just art its business’. It is the only rule of this game I intend to completely abide by! I made ‘Dolls of Decadence’ https://dollsofdecadence.co.uk/ a brand that can be appreciated outside of a photoshoot or runway.
Where avant garde and androgynous creations are delicious to look at, they are not always suitable for persons outside of the fashion industry….and neither do I have the money or status to get away with it

2) I have to be comfortable to wear it. I have even twisted and tweaked the basic pattern draft to create my own signagture cut, because as a woman of colour. The standard industry blocks are not suitable for my body type- and many others, in this now culturally diverse society.
Then, if no one likes the collection, at least, each season I will have a whole new wardrobe. I can wear!

Jessie J.

Having said all of this, there are celebrities out that I feel embody the vision of Dolls of Decadence and in turn, do wonders for my line. I would gladly dress and re-dress them in a heart beat. They are: Jessie J, Amber Rose, Kimberly Watt (Ex-Pussy cat doll), Melody Thornton (Ex-Pussycat doll) Nicole Scherzinger– hell any of the Pussycat Dolls, Jodie Connor http://www.facebook.com/missjodieconnor?v=photos#!/missjodieconnor, Amelle (Sugar babes) and Nicki Minaj.

Melody Thornton of PussyCat Dolls. No copyright infringement

Amelle Berrabah

 Sooooo, if by any chance, any you fabulous dolls happen to cross this blog- Lol- and would like to wear any of my creations. Don’t forget ‘Dolls of Decadence by Paulinah N. Eboh-Sampson’ is the name! Holler!

Amber Rose

Jodie Connor.

 Disclaimer: None of the images used for this blog, belong to myself and are solely displayed for the purposes of idenifying the celebrities in the images No copyrights infringements intended.