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Body Language S/S 14

For the 7th Ready to wear collection from Dolls of Decadence; we’re celebrating our original dance wear inspired silhouettes, and pay homage to our debut collection ‘Doll Domination’. Using the female body’s sexual prowess as our muse, we’re channelling our signature ‘urban, sexy, chic’ heritage. Curated with a hint of sports luxe meets dominatrix and portrayed in a selected complimentary palette of: black, sulphur green, sea blue, cream and beige. Photography by Talia White Model: Pfion Vince Make up by Chelsey McNeil Styling and on set assistant: Monique Shanelle – Simply Beautify Garment technician: Paulinah Eboh-Sampson, Yasmeen Khalid and Rosie Billington

Model: Moe Makaya
Photographer: Stefano Brunesci
Makeup: Maria Clayton
Assistant: Danika Stephens