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Doll Domination..

..Paulinah’s first full collection for Dolls of Decadence. For this collection Paulinah wanted to share the notions behind Dolls of Decadence; capturing the gentle essence of dolls with her flowly butterfly winged dresses and tutu insipired ballerina skirt and dresses. As well as stamping the fiesty attitude of the label, contradictary to its doll like imagery with her body con mini dresses and full catsuits embellished with decorative eyelets. The capsule collection was made up in the brand primary fabric: jersey lycra fabric in luxurious creams and gold, complimented with accents of delicate pink and nude organza, along with warm earth tones of sand, khaki green and stone syomblising the ‘birth’ of the new Dolls of Decadence brand.