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Finally Exhaled

Since the launch of the label in Summer 2010, Dolls of Decadence has been working hard on carving its brands asthetic, with each previous collection, being created to carefully orchestrate the vision for the brand. “Finally Exhaled” sees a definite ‘Reflection of Direction’; with re-worked pieces to produce an ensemble of garments with an almost ethereal feeling: representing the idea of breaking free from the constraints and perceptions that have followed the brand, stemming from its title ‘Dolls of Decadence’. With the floral palette; symbolic of the renewal of the brands esthetic. No longer a puppet to others perception of the brand….. We have ‘Finally Exhaled’ Model: Rebecca Fisher Hair: Chloe Richardson. Make up: Zaneta Swiatlovska. Photography by Talia White. Garment production assistant: Katherine Massey. Concept & Styling by Paulinah Eboh-Sampson