Dolls of Decadence @ Clothes show live 2010

Image by Myles Noton

 From the 3rd-8th Dec 2010, Dolls of Decadence was featured on the main stage catwalk show @ Clothes show live a the birmingham NEC.
What a wondereful way to finish a fantastic first year for my line! Yeahay!
Okay- so I hear you utter “Well, other designers have achieved huger success and critical acclaim with their debut collection.”
 Of course, this is very true, but then unlike most designers, who have most likely studied at the world famous St, Martins college, or graduated with a full degree in fashion or a fashion related subject. I have neiuther.
Neither, am I based in the fashion capital of the UK-London. Which notoriously makes life as a fashion designer ever more difficult.
So, taking all of that into account, whilst also considering that ‘Dancing dolls’ was never supposed to become my main line, but the sister line to the brand I am dying to one day and …and God willingly will create. You can say ‘Not bad goin!’

The show was awesome! I attended on one of the days and loved it. Sitting up in VIP, so my friend and I were right up close to the stage action.
I sat in anticipation wondering, which of my pieces from the 10 called by the stylist had been selected- if any! Its one thing to have your pieces called by a stylist and another for them to actually make it to the show!
My palms were sweaty from nervousness- “What if, none of my pieces where even used!” I wandered…..and then it happened. Out came the first of my creations. I couldn’t help squealing like an over zealous teenager. It was a combination of relief and excitment. (So much for me being a cool, calm fashionista, as I’d intended.) It was the first time, I really felt credible enough to call myself a fashion designer, instead of aspiring.
Three more of my creations followed shortly after. Each piece beautifully styled giving the garments a new, fresh lease of life. It was sooooo refreshing to see my work like that. I couldn’t stop saying. “I can’t believe it, Chantelle” (Chantelle, is my girlfriend, who I’ve known form way back and grew up with) and “O my days! I made that – and that…”
Just writing this entry, takes me back to that day and reminds me of the emotions I felt then.
Damn- this girl did good, and this girl is me. I can actually, say I am really proud of myself. Hadn’t felt like that for a while, then 2010 came.
All the running around, persistance and hard work is beginning to pay off.
It even looks like I’m going to have even more of a pay off as more of my pieces for Dolls of Decadence has been called for the Pandora’s Cafe catwalk show @ the Spring fair 2011.
A show which I know is again very prestigious with lots of international buyers of various types. I know, cos I attended Spring Fair 2010 (not to showcase) and got to see the catwalk. Which, too is beautifully styled with clothing that beautifully compliments the accessories, being showcased. This year, my creations will be amongst those clothing. More yeahay!
Yep- I did good and I am going to keep trying to do good. So help me God.


As styled and worn at Clothes show live

Stylist- Alexis Knox