Dolls of Decadence: A poor man’s Versace? #ReflectionOfDirection


Chains & spikes excite me! pants with lace body
“Its very sexy….”
“Its a bit risque….”
Once upon a time comments like this used to make me squirm with unease and I felt the need to defend my label, Dolls of Decadence.
The idea of the label being deemed too sexy filled me with dread, as I automatically associated it with: trashy, vulgar, sleaze….and that is most certainly not the synonym, I wanted associated with the line.
It almost made me think, of the need to re-address this too sexy balance. I thought, I didn’t want that to be all DDUK was about.
In fact, I didn’t want it to be too anything, because somewhere in my mind, (whilst I had this deluded mind battle): if the the label was too this or too that, then it wouldn’t be commercial enough, to appeal to everyone???
And, to create a line that not commerical is the undoing of any fashion brand.

“Fashion is not just art, its business”
A saying many designers may have…well, should have heard in their creative life, and will probably continuously fight this creativity vs commerce battle for the duration of their exsistance in the fashion industry- and also a main ingredient in my moment of turmoil.
Eventually, of course I woke up.
Who we are
I pressed rewind on the direction of the brand and reflected on what had made the label what it is today. In fighting that: I’m too sexy for …. ‘Right said Fred’ tag, to try be commercial enough to appeal to everyone, I would be alienating the very core of the Dolls of Decadence brand. I would be diluating the asthetic, ultimately make Dolls of Decadence too safe.
And in fashion, you have to be anything, other than safe.

Of course, the reality is that, even though people will always say in relation to fashion, ‘I want something different from whats in the high street’ or ‘OMG’ at the fact that someone is at the same event in the same dress as them. Everybody is actually a clone of somebody/everybody else; trying to fit in; playing it relatively safe.
Not many people want to be that out landish and daring in their attire, which is why people stare or ridicule non- conforming minorty groups, like emos, goths or harijuku girls.

Doll Domination
Dolls of Decadence- S/S2010 ‘Doll Domination’ We are here….

Yet considering the ‘we are different, yet we are the same’reality, doesn’t mean anybody is happy being the wall flower- which in turns means there is enough diversity out there, for a market for DDUK! Yeahay!
Uh-hum! Provided I flirted along the line of commerce, pirouetted around the provocative and danced glamourously on, in and near the tasteful….all whilst, of course smuddering dollops of ‘urban chic’- ness.

Which as DDUK designer, I tried to portray in the 1st collection for Dolls of Decadence, ‘ Doll Domination’, and subsquent collectons (you can view the 1st full collection here:
On the ‘Doll Domination’ collection: “I was sure about the direction, which I wanted to take the brand and I wanted sure to incorporate into the first presentation of the line as a fashion brand.
I guess, at that time, what I was not so sure about was how to expalin it to any or every body!”

Dolls of Decadence @ Clothes Show Live 2010
Dolls of Decadence Uk at Clothes Show Live 2010. Image: Andy Baines

But lets break it down, this same: too risque brand, with its plunging neckline hood swimsuit, that landed DDUK on the main stage of Clothes Show Live 2010 and this same too sexy brand that landed DDUK, our first international stockist in 2012.

Another sexy, brand- Versace
We all remember this one!

After all, is Versace- the internationally famous Italian brand, known for: Flamboyant prints, bold colours and slinky cuts deriving on the borders of over-the-top sexuality with its plunging necklines, slits to there, short skirts, the need to feel comfortable showing off your assets and all about the body sex appeal- not created and is renowed for this asethics. Liz Hurley-safety pin dress-boobs out of door! Say no more….

Verscae Spring/Summer 2012
Verscae Spring/Summer 2012
Heldi Klum in Versace
Heldi Klum in Versace

And does that statement of: bold colours, over-the-top sexuality, slinky cuts, plunging necklines remind you over another brand (cough, cough)-
Answer: Yes
 Dolls of Decadence! (Yes, I know without the luxury price tag) You could consider us ‘a poor man’s Versace’?
Well, thats a tag I don’t mind!
So I guess its ok to be sexy and risque, if that is what we is!
For those who haven’t quite worked it out, Dolls of Decadence is a sexy, urban infused brand with roots and influences taken from the dance art form….. And ‘No’, we are not a dance group and ‘No’ we do not make clothes for performers.

Dolls of Decadence...more than clothing for dance
Dolls of Decadence….more thans clothing for dance

Join the revolution

Until the next time. Your girl, signing out. P xx