Dolls of Decadence: A/W 2012- ‘Through the looking glass’

A detailed insight ‘through that looking glass’ of the fairy tale notion that prompted my Dolls of Decadence (DDUK) AW12 collection ‘Closet Princess’ .

Vicky wears ‘Midas’ min lace brocade dress

So, What inspired your collection?

Its one of the most commonly asked question a fashion designer is asked each season.
And with the Autumn/Winter 2012 season, now in full swing, it seems a fitting time for me to ‘Share my World….’ and disclose to all the guys and dolls the foundations and directions, that stimulated my AW 2012 collection.

About the collection:

“Its not just in fairytales; where there are princesses. We all deserve ‘our happily ever after’- to be that princess…. even if only in our closet”


Closet Princess is my 3rd collection for Dolls of Decadence and is inspired by my belief that inside every woman is a princess- although we may not, be allowed to live it to our fullest.
What? With this economical climate and all that jazz??

Charlotte wears ‘Mythical belle’ circular dress
Charlotte wears ‘Envy me- reloaded’ swimsuit. Image by Jay Holzer. MUA: Sumi. Hair: Hed Rock

Many of us gyals were brought on stories of princesses that “lived happily ever after”.
Well, can we snap, back to reality-  as I am certainly not riding around in a pumpkin shaped glass carriage or sleeping for 100 years to wake up looking as gorgeous and wrinkle free as ever- we grow up to see it quite differently.
There is no happily ever after.
We have to work hard to get and maintain what we want in all aspects of our lives- our children, our partners, our work environment.
But in our private moments, I believe we all still feel, as well as like to create the make believe, just like our childhood princesses.
Even if it only lasts for the hour or so you put on make up, get dressed and to take pictures in our mirror!
…And when, the clock strikes 12, we lock it all back in the closet, as we shut our wardrobe to go back to the duties that dominate our daily lives.

Charlotte wears ‘Rapunzel gown
Laura wears ‘Whimiscal Belle’ Red riding hood dress
Image by Keddy Davis. MUA: Zaneta Swiatlovska. Hair: Sabina Yunusova 

I wanted to play on this idea of being a princess, not only in our inner thoughts, and explore it in a way which allows that idea to be incorporated for the modern woman; within their attire- a representative of them self, letting it transpire in the apparell that our closet’s behold.
 I wanted to mimick an opulence of feminity and royalty associated with princesses: heavily jewlleled handcrafted pieces, in Dolls of Decadence signature  jersey fabrications, with a ‘grown sexy’ announcement using rich, lace brocade cloths, and jewel embellished leather accessories. All with a modern twist of an edgy, yet commercial narrative, still keeping true to protraying the urban chic feeling of DDUK.
Tanya wears ‘Crown Jewels’ high waist pants with georgette ‘Enigma’ hood top
Image by Andy Baines. Make up: Jesse Hen
Sophia wears ‘Crown Jewels’ leggings with ‘Enigma’ hood top
Image by Andy Baines

In secret, I am a Princess, and this is my interpretation…..

“We can all be princessess… if only, in the closet”
The FULL collection is available from FASHION PONY

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Till the next time. Your girl, signing out. P xx