Dolls of Decadence: If you don’t know, you better get to know!

Wow! It definitely feels dead weird writing a blog again! Its been soooo long since our last entry- its almost as if, we forgot how!
 Promise, we haven’t been sitting idol- maybe a tad bit of procrastination, but seriously, its been go, go and more go!

Its hard to believe its like only the first week of the 6th month into this year! We have literally done almost a years work at DDUK HQ in like 5months:

  • An International debut with our Spring/Summer 2013 Collection “Finally Exhaled” at Miami Metropolitan Fashion week! (More information, coming up about that soon)
  • Two collections completed- FINALLY EXHALED S/S13, as mentioned and our first cruise collection NO GREY AREA.
  • A new viral campaign too! Dolls of Decadence: If you don’t know, you better get to know! Check it below.
An almost regular collaboration for Dolls of Decadence with MISTASMIFF Films, aka Mister Paul Smith, who filmed and edited the video on our behalf.
We also enlisted the help of models: Nehanda Ferguson, Kristiana Truhomenko and Vicki Nwsou-Hope. Hedrock on the hair with make up by Shantania Beckford and the fabulous photography skills by yours true, Keddy Davis.
Nehanda Ferguson in our AZALEA dress. Image by by Keddy Davis
 So what’s this latest viral instalment about, I hear you cry? Ok, we’ll fill you in.
In the essence of getting to know, if you haven’t already figured it out. We wanted to scream and shout about how UBAN. SEXY, CHIC we are!- all without actually speaking. Yep- that’s how we do!
    And, if a  bit of  grime style backing track- #Giggs – doesn’t say urban or wearing stylishly fashionable on trend dresses, doesn’t say chic. How about, publicly parading around in our FORGET-ME-NOT swimsuit? Does that say sexy? Maybe getting seductive with a cupcake does??!  If not then, (sigh)- we’re not sure what does!
Images by Keddy Davis. Model: Kristiana Truhomenkoin VIOLET babydoll dress.
The video presents the final part of our #ReflectionOfDirection campaign; where we have been looking at back at how and what we have been up to for the last few years. We felt and we hope we have completed part 1a) in our branding mission!
Vicki wear FORGET-ME-NOT Swimsuitr.
In a recent interview, Dolls of Decadence designer/creative director Paulinah explains about the direction of her most recent collection ‘Finally Exhaled’, which sees a slightly different approach to the usual silhouette and palette for the DDUK.
“… It felt like the right time- I no longer needed to have my armour up, to be tough or defend myself and my line. I’ve always felt like, I knew what I wanted to say about what the brand was about, but just didn’t feel like it was being heard. With each collection prior, I was telling Dolls of Decadence story- this collection almost felt, like I was closing the first chapter of Dolls of Decadence”
This lastest viral is there, to you know- just back this all up:
We are done with the defending of what we do and who we are….
As our cruise collection perfectly puts it: This is what we do, this how we do it….There is ‘NO GREY AREA’
Don’t depict us by our title, don’t catergorize, judge, prod or preen us; to make understanding what we do, easier for you.
If you don’t know by now- ah well (shrugs shoulders) “You better get to know”
We’re coming- Doll World Domination…the Saga continues. Join the revolution here 
Image by Keddy Davis. Models: (L-R) Kristiana Truhomenko, Vicki Nwsou-Hope and Nehanda Ferguson
All images by Keddy Davis. Hair: Hedrock. Make up: Shantania C