Dolls of Decadence makes the ‘Camouflage trend’ look cute!

Dolls of Decadence does camoflague with models Sophie Stoer and Katherine Thompson
Unless you do not watch television, use the internet or if you walk down the highstreet with your eyes closed, which I doubt would be very easy, you would have noticed the gradual increase in the camouflage trend slowly seeping into the highstreet, as one of this summers biggest trends.
 Adored by Street stylers and new age popstars alike: que Rihanna, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Katy Perry to name a few! But just, in case, you have just crawled out from under a rock, well you still have time to absorb this trend as, its only set to get bigger for this autumn.
Rita Ora dons camo jacket over swimsuit
Rihanna doing festival chic in style

The fashion followers -sorry- forward will no doubt be forward marching their look of camo style jackets and in an attempt to stand out from their recruits, there will be a few other street stylers trying the camoflague print on combat trousers, trainers or anything else that you can possibly wear as apparel! 

Jessie J @ Live wire festival

We tried out our own little dose of camouflage with this Dolls of Decadence ‘Z front strapless monokini’….. Should the whole festival chic not get you excited- cos lets face it. It is all a bit tombyish- and you are fancying something a little more cutsie and dainty. Ta dar!! The Z front monokini is available from FashionKillerz, here in the UK  or US Trendy, over in the United states. Now only £25.00! RRP £40.00

Strapless Z front monokini by Dolls of Decadence

If, however camoflague is never going to float your boat or drive your tank, I should say then the monokini is also available in black or tiger print, mieow….. but that’s a whole new blog- for another day.
Just don’t say we didn’t warn you, when you find yourself playing catch up to the trend, when it hits the high street full force.
Join the revolution….Lead, don’t follow!
Too scared to lead already, then follow us, we’ll lead the way #DancingDollsUK.

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