Dolls of Decadence….more than cloting for dance. Promotional video 2011. Directed by Paulinah N. Eboh-Sampson

So as you all may or may not know. I made my directorial début with my 2nd promotional video campaign for Dolls of Decadence in a short video titled:
Dolls of Decadence….more than clothing for dance. Promotional campaign 2011 filmed and edited to a track performed by Christina Agulera feat Nicki Minaj, called ‘Woo Hoo!’ from her album ‘Bionic’
Considering, all the drama that ensued the run up to the 2 days of filming, I am cannot be more ecstatic at the end result. I love it soooo much.
I am immensely proud of myself for this one. And, yes I am bragging when I am stating- again, that I created the concept, styled the shoot, chose the location, complied the team, arranged the scenes…. and I even sat for the a painful, eternity-feeling amount of hours, with Paul to go through the raw footage to settle on definite sections (including some fancy looking outtakes) to make the final cut.
To combine all my creative direction into making the project work, was quite exhilarating. I did learn a whole lot more things about video making through it mind… creating a story board and actually, writing it down, so that it makes sense to someone else other than yourself, namely the videographer!!!
I think I drove Paul Smith (the main camera man) nuts- who captured all the footage and edited the video from the campaign- trying to explain from the story board in my head, the type of direction I was going for with the project.
I think I also drove him mad making him re-edit, and re-edit, especially as it takes a mini eternity for him to privately upload the video to You-tube each time, for me to say yeah or nay to new additions or effects added.
But well done him, for persevering till the end and using his undeniable ability to edit the video remarkably, adding special effects, that I had never even considered, what more knew would give the video the finish it did.
In fact, well done to all the team that came on board across the 2 days, to produce such a fantastic piece for Dolls of Decadence. I could have not made the small ideas in  my head come to life without you all.
So coupled with a few cheeky images shot on location by Keddy Davies. Here it is! Enjoy xoxo