Dolls of Decadence: No regrets, no apologises… NO GREY AREA

We regularly, shy away from following key trends, so were a little reluctant to jump on the very now trend, that is completely invading the high streets at the moment- monochrome.

‘New Look’ Window display Feb 13
Debenhams department store. Feb 13

Despite Paulinah- designer at Dolls of Decadence- considering exploring the monochrome hues in mid 2012,  following the great response, she’d recieved to a monochrome dress, she designed and wore to her brothers wedding.

Dolls of Decadence designer: Paulinah in her inspirational ‘FRANCESSA’ dress

It wasn’t until, until images of Mrs Carter, aka Beyonce arrived at the 55th annual Grammy Awards, rocking that black & white jumpsuit, designed by fellow Birmingham bred designer, Osman Yousefzada; that a Dolls of Decadence offering on the trend almost became a most!
Sure, we didn’t see ‘red carpet’ in the ensemble. However, it was undisputable, how stirking and visually impacting this timeless combination is….so ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ we have.
And, we even paid homeage to the creation, that was pivotal, in pushing forward this collection.

Our salute to Beyonce’s Osman Yousefzada creation.

Using the undenialable feeling of empowerment, combined with the sharpness of clarity which can be found in the collaborating of such powerful staple colours, we have created a collection that focuses on showing Dolls of Decadence in a powerful, uncompromising way.
With a brand such as Dolls of Decadence Uk; that continually allows persons to question its idenity, merely by the brands title, Paulinah says: “I always feel the need to reinforce what the brand is about…. This collection is designed to disspell any queries of what the label is about and the expectations of what people percieve from DDUK. The collection simply states: This is who we are- this what we do: no regrets, no apologises.


“To whom may question our identity…. We are Dolls of Decadence- influenced by origins in dance, yet not restricted unlike the small minds, who see no futher, than to merely absorb that title ‘Dancing’. We are ‘Dolls’- ultra feminine and sexy. We are sexy, so we pirouette around the provocative and flirt with risque. Therefore, we dress ostentatiously- in body sculpting fabrics, experimenting with the fluidity of draping; to play up that notion of our origins. All blended into one tasty urban chic cocktail. We are Dolls of Decadence. This is what we do, this how we do it….There is ‘NO GREY AREA

CHAT TO MA BACK Optical illusion body con dress £75.00

The collection hones in on the urban chic attitude within the brand. With a feeling of the metroplolitan, whilst staying true to our slogan; ‘Where the back is the the new cleavage…’

DARCY Cowel back swing vest £30.00

To see the collection in full please, click here
The collection is available via our ASOS boutique and our US TRENDY store (USA), with prices ranging from £30-£90.00

Collection Photography by Gregory Mason
Model: Jemilla King
Styling & concept: Paulinmah Eboh-Sampson