Dolls of Decadence ripping the runway

Model: Elena Luzaic by Andy Sudbury. FotoModa. April 2011
Whilst, fashion shows are great for showcasing an up an coming brand such as Dolls of Decadence; getting your name out to a wide number of people all at once.
The reality is they can also be quite costly- as the fees that are required for some of these shows, although nowhere near the thousands of pounds required to showcase at say, London Fashion Week or to put on your own fashion show- still, do add up.
They are also time consuming, attending castings and fitting or what ever else the organiser, may feel you need to attend to aid with the smooth running of the show. Not to mention, the pressure, you may feel to add extra show pieces to your collection, solely for the purpose of a runway show.
It is definitely, easy to get caught up with doing show after show and losing sight of why you are doing them.
Therefore, I have become very strategic in which shows, I sign up to.
Once I have showcased one collection at a Fashion show. I will not show the same collection again, if approached by the same organiser.
It is nothing personal, as I have all these organisers to thank for providing me with the opportunity to present my work, but I don’t want to over expose my line, and exhaust the collection. So sorry to those, who invited Dolls of Decadence to take part in their show, in which I have declined.
Having said all of this. At the moment, I am still very much heavily involved in Fashion Shows. Its all systems go for promoting Dolls of Decadence. “Doll Domination” is in effect.
Now after a 3 month break period of Fashion Showcases, Dolls of Decadence has begun phase 2 of ripping the runway.
First stop was Leicester, to take part in FASHION GIVES BACK- a charity event for Zimbabwe’s forgotten children at The BMW Styner showrooms on 19th August 2011. The turn out was amaze! Likewise the response to my collection. Good times.
Its Dolls of Decadence’s number 1 fan: me
And yesterday, I was honoured to be part of ArtsFest 2011 first ever fashion show, after being head hunted for the event, which took place at the Council House, Victoria Sq. An amazing venue, that funnily enough I had wished, way back when I had to go back to work as an over grown, overworked and underpaid waitress- I had considered it a good venue and wished to showcase at. L.G (Life’s good).
Hopefully, I will be getting some images from the event….and some PR from it!
Next stop, Leeds Fashion show on the 14th October for the ‘Dress Me Beautiful’ 2011 Wooo hoo! Excited. Followed by Liverpool Fashion week (Press night) Eek!…..and then back to my home town. West Middy- for the MFDA, even more excited!
Bwoi. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all.
Promotional material for ‘Dress me beautiful’ 2011. 14th Oct

Promotional material for Midlands Fashion designers awards

Hope you all can make it! xoxo