Dolls of Decadence: Style file- Celebrity style steal

Check out the latest ‘Celebrity Style Steal’ by Dolls of Decadence (DDUK), which we’ve added to our style file, with stylist tips by DDUK designer Paulinah.

This time round, we have recreated our own ‘made to order’ version of Gywneth Paltrow’s slightly revealing red carpet dress. Which one? I hear you cry- the one worn by the star to the premiere of her 2010 movie “Country Strong.”

As risque, as one may consider this- we do like….and if its good enough for Gwyneth, then its good enough for the dolls house. We do, like a bit of Mrs Martin, at DDUK.

Dolls of Decadence creation

 “For this style file, I’ve teamed the dress with these cool ass, ‘Esme’ studded triple colour platform pumps from KG by Kurt Geiger.”

As for the nails; Lets do it big with neon yellow. Well, if you’re gonna rock the neon brights trend. Then you got to do it to the fullest- right?
  Paulinah says: “I’ve taken the mint green from the pumps, as a base. I think a statement ring and earrings in this colour, would go lush.
To complete the look, throw in a coral clutch bag. Ok- Not feeling so adventurous? Then you could go a white clutch…. Still need to be a little safer? I guess, you can make it matchy matchy with a beige bag??! Any of the above would look hot.
Beige makes a great colour match for pastel colours, such as baby pink, powdered blue, lilac as well as other colours such as purple, coral and turquoise.”
We aren’t beauty experts, but I would suggest keeping your make light with nude tones. If you’re feeling atad brave, you could add some HD eyebrows to finish.
But hey- dolls, only try this trend, if you can excute it WELL. HD Eyebrow fail= never a good look.
And wull-ar! What you think about that, huh?
Paulinah also recommends:
When mixing colours- no more than 4 colours at a time…unless, of course you don’t mind looking like a rainbow.
If you like what we have done with this ensemble and fancy getting one for yourself or would like to have your own bespoke piece made and styled by Paulinah. Don’t be shy- drop us a line and we’ll do our best to accomadate. (You can contact Dolls of Decadence via our social media sites, links are listed below)
 Dolls of Decadence, create a limited amount of made to order garments, as well as creating some of our own designs in alternative colour various. T&C’s apply.
Until, the next time, keep staying fantablous xx
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