Dolls of Decadence: Waiting to Exhale….

With less than 3 months to go until the full release of my 1st international collection, which will be showcased at Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week. and my creative mind refusing to comply or agree on anything, the pressure is on…..

I have a mountain of things to arrange, finalize and complete in order to satisfy the stress of the challenge that I have set myself, including shooting the collection look book, the new DDUK viral, the re-launch of the website, as well as sorting the collaboration with some Miami based creatives and oh- not to talk of actually completing the damn collection.

Extremely stressed is an utter understatement!
You may have seen a small snippet of what’s to come from the next collection, purposely titled ‘Finally Exhaled’, as I showcased 6 pieces at the Midlands Fashion Designers Awards in October 2012, to reviews that… well, lets say its not from laziness that the collection is not yet complete at the time.

Image by Rahat Ali. Model: Elena Luzaic
The general response, I got from what was seen of the collection, was that, it was ‘different’ from my usual style.

What? How? There are jumpsuits, swimsuits and dresses, isn’t there. That’s what I do and what Dolls of Decadence is about.
Was the battle to stay to true to my brand, whilst pushing the boundaries of my ability and creativity about to unravel?

To me the direction of the 4thcollection was self explanatory. The SS13 collection; Finally Exhaled– was a definite ‘Reflection of Direction’, I looked at past creations, I have created over the course of my time doing Dolls of Decadence and have re-worked them to create a collection with an almost ethereal direction, representing the freedom and breaking free- from of the constraints that have followed the brand.

Had I gone to far?

Was that not visible in the 1st, part presentation of the collection? What was the point of breaking free from a constraint, if no one else understood or could except this reflection? I may as well start a whole another label!

With a deflated feeling of fear, dread- amidst failure, I went bank to the drawing board, not as in I started again. I just had to make my definitive point of view idiot proof!

Dolls of Decadence is not merely about the creation of clothes: of course, the “ Oh that’s so Prada…or “That looks like Alexander McQueen” moments, which reflects the ability for your brand to be recognised by the way its looks, is the stuff designer dreams are made of! However, with Dolls of Decadence – its also the way you wear the clothes- it is a a lifestyle. One that presents the importance of style

As Coco Chanel put it:
“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the


DDUK style eradicates the ‘never fully dressed attitude’; your hair, shoes, nails even your jewellery are as important as your garment choice.

So this collection, not only looks back on my DDUK journey, its tells it own story, and as other collections before has been orchestrated to carve out the brand aesthetic; singing and chanting about the feeling of chic-ism, the infusion of the dance influence, the confirmation of sexy.

At least, I hope so…. I’m working my butt off here!

So excuse me, if to some, I may have deviated slightly, What? OK- I used pastel colours- shock, horror, as well as the introduction of printed fabric. DDUK is supposed to be strong. vibrant colours, right?  #IDidn’tWriteThatDown!

Look a little closer, like contacts, you can see through, I promise, there you will find DDUK.

I am just trying to grow, to evolve

And to grow and develop, I have to take risks. I cannot, refuse to and will not play it safe. I am not just holding my breath to see that the risk has been worth while….

I am ‘Waiting to exhale’….