Dolls of Decadence: "We are the revolution!"

Its June 2012 and in every corner of every city, I have been to, in the last 6 months all I see is monochrome stripes. With the amounts of monochrome in my peripheral vision, I have to remind myself that I am not strolling around the plains of sunny Africa, surrounded by zebras and that these are women walking around in one of this seasons hottest trends! That coupled with, the British weather that has been doing what it does best (raining)- is a definite reminder, I am still in the UK.
Its nuts to see how much of a craze this trend has become!
Image by GrimyWest. April 2012

BANG ON TREND! April 2012

Lets rewind 2 years back to February 2010- long before Rihanna was getting up close with Drake and dancing in the streets, singing “Whats my name?” wearing a monochrome striped jacket.

Rememeber this picture- yes it was taken on 27th February 2010
Rebecca Fisher by Liz Deeming
…..And what do we have here?? Monochrome high waist leggings by Dolls of Decadence, modelled by Rebecca Fisher- one of my earlier creations under Dolls of Decadence, whilst I was still trying to establishing the company and making a statement.

And back then, which so seems like a lifetime ago, while I was screaming that black and white stripes were the shizzle.

I even remember one comment: “Wow! Those leggings are awesome, I don’t think I could wear them or pull them off though”
Hmmm….judging from some recent Facebook profile pictures of that same persons, I’d say thats changed! Ha!
Ar-well. I told you we are the revolution….

So, well done to the few that purchased some of our fabulous black/white striped at the time. Unfortuneately, this product is no longer available form Dolls of Decadence.
We have swiftly moved long. Long before trends become high street crazes, Dolls of Decadence would have loved them and left them. We are aiming to be innovators here, at Dolls of Decadence HQ
‘Wild side’ high waist pants
Photographer: Marina Dean-Francis
Model: Ellie @ Adage Models
Whilst on the subject on leading the fashion innovation, I move on to another key trend this season….how long have we been championing high waist pants? What with our first edition; ‘Wild side’, again launched in 2010. Shop the look 
‘Chains & spikes, excite me!’ high waist pants
Image by Gregory Mason. Model: Weoanalyn
   Followed by her sister- the fetish imspired ‘Chains & spikes, excite me!” high waist pants. Get excited with your very own pair here: bringing up the rear our ‘Crown Jewels’ hand embellished high waist pants. I’d say we’ve been championing them for hot minute too.
‘Crown jewels’ high waist pants. Image: Andy Baines
Model: Tanya Mihailovic

‘Crown Jewels’ high waist pants available here GET 15% OFF THIS ITEM with Dolls of Decadence promo code: DDUKPROMO15

So its always nice to see the high stores such as River island, who have only recently started to stocking some sexy big pants of their own- playing catch up.
Remember, we move swiftly- so grab them while you can!
To keep one step ahead on the newest fashion trends. Join the revolution! Follow us- we’ll lead the way