O my days! I have been nominated alongside 7 other independant labels, for the Midlands Fashion Designers awards in the Emerging designer catergory.

The show sponsored by Toni & Guy, Pitcher & Piano, Tights Please, LoveLula.com and Lipsy takes place on the 21st October 2011 at the Fazeley Studios in Birmingham and will be the second time for me to showcase creations from my line at this event.
In October, last year I showcased 7 pieces from my first collection ‘Doll Domination’ for Dolls of Decadence.
Although, there was a platform for for Emerging and Independant designers to present their work at this event. There was no recognition prizes awarded to designers in this catergory. The opportunity was to give these designers the chance to raise brand awareness for their line.
However, following this presentation from Dolls of Decadence, I had pieces from my collection snapped up by Alexis Knox- one of the shows judges and stylist for the Clothes Show Live 2010 and subsquently showcased on the main stage theatre at the NEC in December last year.

Dolls of Decadence @ Clothes LIve 2010. Image: Andy Baines
This time round, I will be showing 6 pieces from my second collection ‘The Beautiful Ugly’ A/W 20111 alongside: Tonson Sarayi, ‘Luna’ by Tanya Kornijenko, Angeleen Masih, Emma Curtis, Lueianna Wang and ‘Klue’ by Kelly Ann by with models supplied by Alan Sharman agency.
A/W2011 ‘The Beautiful Ugly’ Model: Weoannalyn Cutchin by Gregory Mason

The collection- a collaboration between Dark art airbrushing and Dolls of Decadence- inspired primarily inspired by voodoo dolls and the voodoo culture with subliminal messages of S&M and slavery, centres on deconstructed and juxtaposition pieces combined in unfinished raw edges, heavily spiked/studded and graffiti blemished garments in fabrictions of signature Italian jersey, silk and lace. All within a palette of petrol blue, warm cream, rich red wine and midnight black

For more information on Dolls of Decadence. Log onto www.dancingdollsuk.com
Tickets for the Midlands Fashion Designer’s award can be purchased on line at www.myfashiondesigners.co.uk, starting from £10.00

Photographers: Andy baines, Gregory Mason
Models: Nehanda Ferguson, Weoannalyn Cutchin