Giddy new heights!

It was on the early evening of 31st December 2011, and whilst I watched and assisted my little sister in getting ready to join all the other party revellers, counting in the new year in alcohol fuelled style.

I sipped my own drink of choice- Barcardi and Karibbean Kola. I wasn’t going to be going out to celebrate with everyone else, but little did I know at that time, I was about to celebrate in a different kind of Fashion.

As I flicked through my emails, catching up and responding to any missed mail, I’d received over the holiday period.

One email, in particular held my attention.

I opened it and as I said goodbye to the sister, I carefully worded my response to the query.

Within minutes, I had received an email back from the sender; my heart gently pounded in chest as my excitement rose.

The enquiry was from a boutique owner, requesting wholesale prices for garments from my line- Dolls of Decadence.

Recieveing a new stockists for any independent designer is a huge victory: it means that other retailers believe in your creativity enough to invest in your product. It means you are reaching a new market. New heights. Heights that will make an emerging designer giddy.

What was even more exciting and equally nerve racking was the fact that the boutique enquiring are based in New York- Yeah, baby- that New York. New York, U.S fricking A!!!

Whoa! Really??

I had already made a mental memo to secure more stockists for Dolls of Decadence’s 2012 new years resolution.
But Gosh! O giddy, giddy gosh. I didn’t expect it sooo soon.

How amazing is that?! Well, I think it is! It will be a promising collaboration, if this small, but crucial consignment goes well!

It is so cool and unbelieveable to think that thus far- all the challenges, I have set out for myself with Dolls of Decadence have been achieved , greater than my expectations.

Damn, I feel utterly blessed. So as the clock struck 12.00midnight- Great British time. I had successfully negiotated and confirmed my first international stockists.

Helloooooooooooooooooo 2012!……and hello New York!

And hey! Why stop there, in my revelling of Dolls of Decadence shenanigans!
Its not like I have the time to update this blog as I should, so when I get the opportunity to do so I better let it all hang out.

In other fashionably exciting news, Dolls of Decadence has been selected by the team at Nolcha and New York based sylist Alexa Winner (Looks like the states are loving Dolls of Decadence for 2012) – who has worked with major brands such as Ralph Lauren, John Galliano and Vogue Japan………and now lil’ ol’ me, (LOL) for the ‘Models 4 Water’ campaign featuring supermodels Georgie Badiel, Heide Lindgren, Lisa Seiffert and Allie Rizzo. 12 supermodels in total.

The campaign is support “the water project” to help the people of Burkina Faso and will be shooting the 2013 St Barts calendar swimsuit calendar on 02/01/2012 , which will be launched/displayed at the launch party for New York Fashion week in September with all credits given to all designers featured including Dolls of Decadence. Pow!

If you are tryna think, which swimsuit they selected, I bet you guessed it right: ‘that’ swimsuit- the “Envy me” deep V hooded swimsuit.

Its crazy to think, that a swimsuit, I designed solely within myself in mind would take Dolls of Decadence so far!!
Image by Fabrizio Fenucci. Milan-Italy

Eeeek, first Milan- Italy, now New York- USA. Just think, if I get DDUK to Paris I would have touched base in all the fashion capitals of the WORLD! London, Milan, New York. Do I hear Paris calling??

2012, baby. We just done start! Doll Domination….The Saga continues.