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Made to Measure

Send your designs for quotes and consideration to:

The Dolls of Decadence made to measure service is available to all its customers- new and existing. We usually require a minimum of 6-8 weeks per custom made gown, although in some instances; depending on our work load and the design of the order we may be able create the garment for you in a shorter lead time. An additional fast track fee of £25.00 per garment, MAY be added to invoice for turnaround times which do not meet our minimum time frame.
All made to measure orders require a 50% payment towards the cost of the garment, prior to the commencement of production. Customers will have 48hrs from the clearance of their payment to Dolls of Decadence to cancel an order, should they change their mind. Payments are non-refundable after this time. You can view our full terms and conditions for custom made creations HERE
Once we have received your completed custom made application and reviewed it. We will get in touch confirming your order. We may need to discuss your design in greater detail, prior to providing you with a quote.

For bridal parties, particularly bridesmaids of 4 or more, a more in depth discussion of your order may be required and you will be invited for a face-to-face consultation regarding your custom made order at the Dolls of Decadence studio in Birmingham.

Quotes are provided with an invoice, instructing you of how to pay to your secure your order, should you wish to proceed.

Please provide us with as much information, as possible pertaining to your order. Where possible, we recommend you attend our studio in Birmingham to have your measurements obtained for your custom made garment. However, if you are not local to us, please use the “How to Measure Yourself” Guide.

Click Here For The How To Measure Yourself Guide