1) fame or acknowledged superiority within a particular sphere. Synonyms: distinction, renown, notability, reputation, importance, prestige, calibre


2) a piece of rising ground. Synonyms: elevation, rise, rising/raised ground, hill, bank, mound.


The 10th ready to wear creative vision represents the evolution and celebrates of the journey of line, with inspirations from the behavioural characteristics of a volcano. It takes a small side step, from what one has come to expect from the brand to presents its first collection with a high fashion attitude: an explosive palette of structured shapes, textured fabrics, voluminous silhouettes and runway ready pieces. All lone its self to creating, what Paulinah describes as possibly the most unique collection for the line. Fabrications in greys, oranges, pinks, purple compliment and mould the collection under its volcanic inspiration.



Model: Gina Underhill

Photography: Jay Holzer Photographer

Hair/makeup: Rachel Glass Make-up Artist

Assistant: Marisa Scott

Styling/art direction: Paulinah Eboh-Sampson

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