The Dolls of Decadence Showroom is a unique studio space based in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter – Birmingham; an indoor location which is a great alternative from the standard photography studio set up. The space is the perfect solution for a range of fashion and creative assignments such as:
blogger sessions, pop-up shops, interview projects, pop up presentations, trunk shows, head shots, jewellery or
fashion shoots and so much more.

With affordable rates, starting from just £60.00 you can make the showroom work to suit your
creative project.
Situated in a listed building, the studio boasts some unique features, including:
* brightly lit with large windows
* outdoor courtyard and roof access
* display cabinets for presentations/pop up events etc
* huge floor to ceiling mirror
* white wall backdrop
* hanging rail
* chaise lounge
* kitchenette with microwave
* stereo system
* attractive black and gold décor