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  Customers pics
We absolutely ♥ customers pictures of all you dolls looking gorgeous in your DDUK creations- We love it, want it, need it!
Once you have recieved your order… and if “you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show” then please send us your ‘dolled’ up pics, rocking Dolls of Decadence or alternatively you can upload them directly to our Dolls of Decadence facebook wall.
For all relevant images* we recieve, we will send the proprieter a 10% discount to spend in our ASOS Marketplace boutique.
more delicious dolls xoxo
Think thats a fair deal- right? Ok then, get snapping. Till the next time
Love DDUK HQ xx
DDUK style! 
*Images must be clear and show the garment in full, to qualify