Style File by Dolls of Decadence: ‘Made to measure’

OOooOOoo- How much do we love the look of this one??!! Its the rivet embellished body con with sash by Dolls of Decadence in bespoke colour ‘Flame red’!

The original- as only our dolls will no- was created in a cream matt hue priced @ £70.00. Available here: when a DDUK customer requested it, in alternative colour, we at Dolls of Decadence HQ were much obligied to deliver…..and we think the outcome so hot, we’ve added it to our style file- styled by Dolls of Decadence Designer, Paulinah Eboh-Sampson, herself.

Rivet embellished dress by Dolls of Decadence

Our bespoke service allows customers to have a variety of Dolls of Decadence designs created in a fabric colour of their choice. Terms and conditions apply.
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In keeping with our mission; “to dress our dolls ostentatiously…”
Paulinah says: ‘With such a fiery colour, why not turn up the heat, light that fire and shazam. Its all about statement, statement and more statement with this dress.
So, if money is no object, then I’d say go all out and head for your nearest Christian Louboutin outlet for this limited edition ‘Rodarte’ ankle strapped beauties. (Sigh)

Well, lets be realistic- the reality is that these kind of bad ass shoes are only accessible to a few of the rich or famous, such as the likes of singer PINK and Victoria Beckham, who have both been sporting these bad boys!
Victoria Beckham in Christian Louboutin ‘Rodarte’

So our suggestion: our customised spiked and rhinestone embellished platforms with matching bag by Dolls of Decadence. Available to order- lead time 28 days.

Shoes & bag by Dolls of Decadence. Available by order. Image by Andy Baines

Black ankles boots are also a great alternative, if your trying to keep it funky and not to matchy-matchy, but remember a concealed platform pump or stiletto will elongate the leg length, in comparison to ankle boots.
Paulinah recommends:
– Slicked back hair in a neat smooth low ponytail.
– Keep the earrings relatively small
– Whack on the lipstick; darker skin tones- go for a bold red, whilst lighter skin tones can opt for either red or nude tones- with a demi smoky eye to accompany those nude lip tones.

How adorable are these?

Complete the look with black nail lacquer. And you’re ready to rock and roll!

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Till the next time stay fabulous xx