The age of Decadence

The age of Decadence

Model: Rebecca Fisher. Image by Talia White. Makeup: Hannah Parry. Styled by Paulinah Eboh-Sampson

As, if its actually been- what- 8 months since we re-branded, re-emerging under our new brand name; Dolls of Decadence!?

Whilst, it seems like it was a smooth and relatively quick transition, it also seems like such an age ago. Maybe, its the fact, that it took 11 long months to finalise and select the new brand name, coupled with a further 4 months for the new website to go live. As well as a bunch of other changes, that’s got us feeling like; our re-brand is merely a distant memory.

11 months to come up with that name; Dolls Of Decadence- what? Really? Yes- you read that correctly.

‘That name’, which now seems so effortless and as if, it was what we woulda, shoulda, coulda been called since forever! We went from looking for a name so far removed from the dolls idea, like ‘Paulinah’s Atelier’ to one worded POW names like  ‘Decadence’. But, eventually, we came back to our senses to recognise ‘Dolls’ is in our blood and we could still continue to evolve; embracing everything we’re about under that umbrella .

For those of you who don’t know….Once upon a time, we started out as a dance inspired fashion line, called Dancing Dolls UK. Cringe, cringe and more cringe.

It was never our intention for Dancing Dolls UK to become a fashion line, but to serve as a sister company, especially for performers/dancers to our then, yet to be created womenswear brand, along with an attempt for our director to keep close to her performing arts roots. But, as the story would have it, by luck and chance, we got an opportunity to work with a upcoming fashion photographer; which led to fashion being our sole objective.

Without a doubt, we fell out of love with and out grew the name Dancing Dolls UK, almost immediately after becoming a fashion line. So, we always knew that we were going to have to change the labels name. It was merely all about the timing.

Fast forward to 2016! We are now grown up sexy! We are DOLLS OF DECADENCE!


Why Dolls of Decadence?

Well, firstly it was important to our director, Paulinah to hold on to the two D’s used in the name…obviously, once we had got back to our senses enough to maintain the ‘dolls’ part of brand name. (We have big plans for that you see….but, you can’t squeeze that out of us just yet!)


Hmm, do we really need to explain this one? Pussycat Dolls- remember, those dolls?! hashtag Finger snap,  hashtag fierce, hashtag hair flick, hashtag urban. Need we say more! Ok then!


  1. moral or cultural decline as characterised by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.
  2. luxurious self-indulgence.
    Decadence was a cultural attitude manifested in the late nineteenth century, consisting of two primary features: (1) a belief that certainty in knowledge, science, morality, and society was gone. Which demanded a new attitude in life and art to compensate for the loss of certainty; an attitude that privileged sensations and impressions. (2) that art and morality were distinct realms. Art was completely autonomous, free of ethical boundaries.
    Ethical boundaries is about staying within certain lines of moral conduct. Without boundaries any kind of human behaviour might be possible, given the right mix of opportunity, emotion, or circumstances.
    That attitude to the freedom of ethical boundaries in art is one that has continuously been at the helm of what we do:
    – so what, if we use 3.5 metres of fabric to make one skirt.
    – yes, we will sit there and apply rivets and rhinestones for 4 hrs to a pair of knickers!
    heavily jewelled pants

    Yes- these pants; that took 4 hrs of carefully hand sewing and adding, rivets, embellishments and rhinestones! Model: Charlotte Wagstaff. Image by Jase Holzer. Makeup by Sumi

    We had always been about, making our creations express excessive indulgence in a way that was accessible to our target market.
     Decadent Fashion

What else have we been up to? Cos- yes we’ve been pretty quiet across social media, which of course, if you’re not telling the world about your shenanigans,  translates to you’re not up to anything, right?

current mood

Actually, this is what we’re on. Don’t get it twisted!

We’ve launched a new service, now offering custom made bridal/occaisional wear, allowing our customers to have custom gowns created in house. Over the next few months you will be hearing more about this service and we will be blogging about it. Lookout for that blog in the future!

….And, last but by no means least. The Showroom! At last, we’ve moved out of our shoe box of a studio- I guess, just like our old brand name, we out grew that too- into a bigger space on the main strip in the heart of Jewellry Quarter, Birmingham. Yeahay! There is still much to do in the new studio, but eventually we will be setting up a much needed showroom space, where you can all come in; mooch at our products, touch, feel and try on our creations before purchasing, as well as consulting face to face with our team for your made to order creation in a relaxing set up.

Don’t worry, we’ll be singing and chanting about The Showroom once it opens to the public. Exciting times ahead! Eeek!

The age of Decadence is here! It’s now! xo