The Beauiful Ugly A/W 2011- Motion advert and photoshoot

L-R: Me (excuse my atrocious hair, clearly I was trying to recreate the look the brief I had given to the hirstylist), Model- Hannah and Shirin- snake handler and owner of ‘George’ 10ft python

 On the 17th June 2011, I braved the freezing weather- yes, I know, you’d think it would be blazing down with sunshine for the middle of June, but no such luck!- to  film a motion advert and advertising photo campaign for the current ‘Dolls of Decadence’ collection from:’ The Beautiful Ugly’.

 I had the pleasure of working with a 10 person team, who travelled from various locations across England, especially for the shoot- the largest team I have ever worked with! The team included: models- Hannah Owen, Stephanie Hopwood, Zainam ‘Angel’ Higgins (former lead singer of ex- girl group: Cleopatara) and ‘George’ the 10ft yellow python, Photography by Elspeth Van Der Hole, Hair by Hedrock hair, Videography by Elijah Phillips ‘VirtualExtreme Youth Media’, Artistic direction and motion advert filmed by Oliver Morris, set assistance from David Mcbean, Make up provided by Amy Watkins and the snake handler, Shirin Scales. Big massive-est thank you to all!

The outcome was beyond what imagined! It was a pretty nerve racking and surreal experience. I have spent so much of time watching other designers embark on such ventures and have sliently envied them, whilst dreaming that one day I would achieve and make that dream real for myself. And on that day- one year and 11 days after the first shoot I had for my first collectiom- I did!

Model: Stephanie Hopwood

I guess, it wasn’t just Martin Luther King who had a dream.

Model: Zainham ‘Angel’ Higgins

 It is utterly amazing to think that in less than two weeks, Elspeth and I managed to get such an amazing team together. I remember, the 1st photoshoot I ever did for the inroduction of Dolls of Decadence it took me literally about 3 months to find a team, who would give an up coming designer the time of day.

Check out the trailer!  O my!

 For more amazing images from this shoot. Check out the link below:
Full motion adverty coming soon….!/media/set/?set=a.174959192565851.42697.156081054453665

Images by Elspeth Van der Hole