The Imprint; making our mark

Let me re-introduce….

The narrative of the brand has always been something we are keen to explore and share, and is constantly depicted through our collections, as well as our fashion films.

Our latest motion video, the 3rd for the year and under our new brand name, is a very poignant look at the narrative of the Dolls of Decadence brand, in its refined, grown up sexy asethic. From its arrival to re-awakening its urban, sexy roots and its crowning moment as a dissolute womenswear label with audacious attitude.

The importance of the narrative in this particular film is crucial to the understanding of the journey we have been on to get where we are now. From, one time dance inspired fashion brand through to our re-branding as a grown up womenswear brand.

We revisited and paid homage to many ideas previously presented in our fashion videos; the opening sequence closely recreates the scene first created for our A/W12 Closet princess motion picture. Revisiting it again, symbolizes the re-awakening of the line as Dolls of Decadence. Our A/W12 collection was produced under our previous title. We also heavily feature a slow mo walking arrangement of the models throughout the advert;  first explored in our A/W11 Beautiful Ugly motion video and featured in subsequent videos we have produced, which for us has always symbolized our arrival and staying power through the years.

Other symbolic elements include the carefully selected garment worn by the lead model in scene 1, the HONOR hooded swimsuit- such a significant ensemble that not only completely embodies what we represent, urban, sexy and dissolute but it is a garment that was re-designed of the back of our phenomenal ENVY ME swimsuit, which literally catapulted us into the Midlands fashion scene back in 2010

We are here to make our mare – our IMPRINT!