Win a Dolls of Decadence Swimsuit worth £40.00!!

It seems a long time since I posted a blog entry…..and thats not because I’ve been putting it off or haven’t had much to say.
In fact its been quite the opposite, if you consider the latter!
But I always told myself when I started this blog page, that as long as I maintain at least one blog per month, that should be surfice. So with literally 3 days left to the end of March. I will actually be adhering and achieveing what I set out. Yeahay!

So what is the latest and greatest in the Dolls of Decadence world.
The most recent is, of course, that I have created yet another social media networking page for my line via Facebook. Search ‘Dolls of Decadence’ on Facebook.!/pages/Dancing-Dolls/156081054453665?sk=info.
 I was for a long time quite dubious about creating a ‘Facebook’ page too, considering:
a) I have a regular Facebook account, which I am constantly promoting Dolls of Decadence from.
b) I already have several other profile pages on other social networking sites, including: Model Fame, You Tube, Myspace- and keeping them updated is starting to feel like a lttle tiny bit of a nightmare.
c) What if I don’t get many people, clicking the ‘LIKE’ button? Its not a good look for my brand!

But then it occurred to me: “Ok, its tideous to keeping maintaining these social media profiles, but they are absolutely FREE and EASY to create/maintain…not that I didn’t know that already- and will help save the endless amount of money I have to constantly pay out to have a web designer update my professional website”.
Gee- on that note. I might start twittering too!
With Facebook being as popular as it is, why would I not capitalise on such a useful tool- especially, with the ever growing popularity of internet social networking sites? Yet I still have a Myspace account?? Really? (Who are they? Exactly.) In fact -as from today, that Myspace account is ca-poot, vamuoosh, fin-neato!

So, its done. I have a new social media page on Facebook.
To promote the page- effectively promote my line… well as cheating to get as much brand awareness and people hitting that ‘LIKE’ button, Dolls of Decadence is running a competition: to win a Dolls of Decadence garment worth £40.00.
The epitamy of the brand and still the most popular swimsuit, I have done to date!

Deep plunge hooded swimsuit-featured @ Clothes show live 2010
Model: Tanya Shinga. Image: Peter Hirst

 Competition rules:
If by the 30th April 2011 Dolls of Decadence have 250 persons or ‘fans’- not that I really am feeling that groupie title, I will select a name at random, for whom I will create the above pictured swimsuit.
The winner will be notified via the Dolls of Decadence Facebook page within 2 weeks of the closing date of the competition, and will have 5 working days to claim their prize by emailing their size, colour perference (cream or black) and a forwarding address, for the delivery of the item.
Terms and conditions:
-To enter the competition, you must be one of 250 FEMALES, to click the ‘like’ button, by 30th April 2011.
-You must claim your prize within 5 working days, after the closing date of the competition.
– Delivery to the winner’s address is free within the U.K via Royal Mail recorded and will need to be signed for. Dolls of Decadence will not deliver to any P.O box addresses. International addresses are subject to a £5.00 charge.
– Dolls of Decadence can not be held responsible for any postage delays, loss of item or strikes, after the dispatch of the item.
– Dancing Dolls caters for sizes 6-14: should the selected winner fall outside of these size bracket. The winner will need to pay an additional surcharge for extra fabric required to create the garment.
-The garment will be produced and dispatched within 10 days, following contact between the winner and Dolls of Decadence.
– Should after 30th April 2011 the target number has not been reached, Dolls of Decadence reserve the right to extend the competion deadline further or cancel the competion entirely.
– The garment once dispatched under no circumstances ie returnable, excluding fault deemed by Dolls of Decadence on manufacturers part.
– No cash alternative and non exchangeable for any other Dolls of Decadence product.

So, for your chance to win. Search ‘Dolls of Decadence’ on Facebook and click the ‘LIKE’ button!!!!