You asked for it!

see through black skirt2016 has been a year with a lot of changes for the Dolls of Decadence brand- a LOT….and boy has it been challenging! Starting with our name change, a studio change, an introduction to our custom bridal services and now ending with the change in the way we produce our products.

Well, you gyals have been asking for it! Our standard production practices included a made to order service, where all products ordered through the site, where produced as per the design and in the colour displayed in the product image.

One of the things we regularly are asked by are customers; is the possibility of customisations to existing designs. This included, but was not limited to changes to the garments length, fabrication, advertised colour(s) advertised, and even slight style adjustments. All of which, we have been much obliged, in a bid to provide the perfect shopping experience.

These requests, however, make processing orders longer and requires a number of emailing back and forth with our customers to confirm any customisation requests, practically making our website redundant in this instant. Not a good time.

We want to make your shopping experience all the more easier and flexible when shopping using our site. Making all your purchases even more personalised to your personal style and taste.

Dolls of Decadence designer and creative director, Paulinah.

As from January 1st 2017, all our designs will now be custom made to order. What does mean to you?

  1. Where possible, all our designs will have the options for you, the customer to apply basic customisation to the length, colour and/or fabric used for the design.
  2. You will need to supply us with your body measurements, through the website enabling us to create the perfect fit for you every time.
  3. With this new custom made service on all our products, we will have a new revised returns and exchanges policy. Please view our revised refund terms here, which will be in affect as of the new year.
  4. You will be visit us at the new Dolls of Decadence studio- 6 days a week, where you can have your measurements taken by our in house team, as well viewing our creations in person and familiarising yourself with the fabric available prior to ordering. We recommend you book an appointment to make the most of these services, although walk -ins are always welcome.

Also coming for 2017, along with this new working format, we will be launching our exciting collaboration  with Lotus Events management to our complete party and wedding party; providing a one stop shop for all aspects of  your special occasion, including fabulous bespoke gowns created in house by the Dolls Of Decadence team!

More details on this in our next blog entry at the beginning of the year.