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Paulinah Eboh-SampsonPaulinah Nkechinyere Eboh-Sampson

Founder/Creative director

a British Nigerian, based in Birmingham, England- is an internationally published stylist and the award winning designer behind the Dolls of Decadence line.

Paulinah first entered the creative industry as a performer at the age of 11, where a chance audition through her school drama group, she successfully secured a place at a top performance group. Whilst with the drama group, she enjoyed small roles in children’s programmes and theatre productions. 

This first encounter within the creative industry was inspirational to her move into the world of Fashion- as it was the colours, textures and fabrics of the theatre costumes used in many of the shows she performed in, that first captured her attention.

At 6th form college, she studied an advanced GNVQ in Performing arts & the entertainment industry and A level Dance. Studying dance made Paulinah more aware of her natural flare for dance. So concentrating on dancing, she travelled around Europe fulfilling her desire to perform. During this time, Paulinah was surrounded by a barrage of seamstresses who sold outfits to the dancers- none of which she bought without twisting the design totally to suit her personal style.

Soon, her creative ideas for outfits and her personal styles where noticed amongst her colleagues and she was soon giving style tips to her peers.  This inspired her to take her design ideas to the next level and learn how to construct her designs.

She went on to complete a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Fashion Design & Textiles at Aston Academy- part of City College, Birmingham from which she graduated in 2007. Following a brief work experience with London based luxury handbag company ‘Claudine‘, she launched her Dolls of Decadence brand in 2010.


Mpho MakayaMoe Makaya - Sales and Marketing Director

Sales/Marketing director

Commonly known as Moe, Zimbabwean born Mpho is by trade an Accountant- graduating in 2013 with a degree in Accounting and Business. Although, she has always had a keen interest in fashion and garment manufacturing whilst growing up; with her introduction to garment production through the many sessions she sat watching her grandmother sewing and creating clothing. Her first direct fashion rendezvous saw her stepping out in front of the lens; modelling- which she initially started to help improve her overall appearance and self confidence. 
However, what started off as a hobby found Mpho regularly working nationally as a freelance and agency signed model featuring  in campaigns for international brands in beauty, commercial and editorial assignments; one of these brands being Dolls of Decadence. 
Her first encounter with the Dolls of Decadence brand lead to on going relationship not only with the brand; where she was featured in a number of their campaigns - becoming their most featured ethnic model, but also with its founder, Paulinah.
Mpho went on to explore other avenues within the fashion realm; dabbling in styling, blogging, fashion show choreography, photography and even running her own fashion on line store selling womenswear. Throughout, her fashion journey, her on going relationship with the Dolls of Decadence label and its founder provided support to her on her own fashion ventures,  as well helping her to gain a wide understanding on the brand it self - its story and its direction.
Mpho's history with the Dolls of Decadence company, her wealth of experience in various elements of the fashion industry, combined with undeniable passion, drive and determination for everything she puts her self into, made for a natural and inevitable candidate with the growth of the Dolls of Decadence brand.

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